Advisory Services

A range of consulting services provided by NBAA to public and private sectors and high net worth individuals who require specialized advice on applications of the standards, cash flow and wealth management. Advisory clients pay fees based on services provided or as a percent of assets under management.

This section is intended to provide detailed information on different types of consulting services, procedures and execution for advisory activities to different stakeholders. Some of the services provided includes but not limited to:

  • Providing in-house training services on Accounting, Auditing and Allied subjects of the profession example, Facilitating Trainings on new laws and standards.
  • Preparation of operations manuals for public and private sector. Example Accounting manuals, procurement manuals and risk registers etc.
  • Developing entities specific operations policies
  • Providing Advisory services on application of various Accounting standards. Example:IFRSs, IPSASs, ISAs and TFAS
  • Assists in preparation of Business plan

Employment Bureau Services

This service is available to assist members find employment in various sectors of the economy.

It also assists organizations of all types to recruit Certified Public Accountants at agreed price and helps members to deal positively with redundancy or other employment difficulties.

Advisory fees

Advisory clients pay fees, however this is based on services provided, providing adequate funds based on realistic cost estimates is a key to the effective use of advisory services. A careful estimation of the costs of an advisory is thus a critical part of designing the advisory services package.

The following are key determinants items that are included in determining the advisory fee:

  • Conference package
  • Stationery
  • Expertise and supporting staff fee
  • Transport cost
  • Communication
  • Advisory duration (Number of days)
  • Advisory Market competition
  • Advisory should attract mark-up that will be determined from time to time

Performance Evaluations of advisory services

This is the rating of how the advisory work administered in an overall consultant services. The purpose is to improve advisory work performance from time to time. After the completion of advisory work, client (s) are to fill out the evaluation forms for performance evaluation purposes.

The following are important items considered in the performance evaluation process:

  • Quality of the advisory work
  • Capacity to accomplish the work in the required time.
  • Specialized experience and technical competence in a particular type of advisory
  • The Approach to the advisory work.
  • Responsiveness to Terms of reference

For more information, please contact Technical and Advisory Department