Research is fundamental to the economic growth of a nation. New knowledge and creative works change the world, shape the future and provides a sustainable growth of a nation. NBAA Research section is responsible for coordination of research with a view to regulating activities and conduct of the profession moreover to collaborate with other partners on issues relating to research.

Research priorities.

NBAA Research priorities is judged on the needs of a particular topic and tangible commitments and the support from concerned department and other stakeholders on which research is carried out. However, there are factors that can make a research priority, this include

  • Governing Board Directives.
  • National accounting issues of public interest and
  • Research Unit Plan for the year.

Research Procedure

Normally social science research processes or procedures are the same, the only difference that may be found is the methodology, in this perspective our research procedures or processes is based on the following:-

  • Identification of research problem
  • Preparation of research proposals that will include:-
    • Background of the research problem
    • Rationale for the research
    • Objectives.
    • Methodology.
    • Work Plan
    • Research Budget
    • Data Collection.
    • Data Analysis.
    • Reporting.

Research planning and Logistics

Research is performed with a clear framework with target, responsibilities and indicators. A close coordination of research activities is only possible if there are clear plans. Therefore, NBAA research planning and logistics include-

  • Designing of research documents e.g. Questionnaire and forms of data collection, evaluation and statistics.
  • Attend all activities and correspondences relating to research issues and proof read research reports.
  • Preparation of checklist for research issues
  • Preparation of work plan that reflects budget
  • Arrangement of all logistics for field visit including phone interviews and sending letters
  • Attending logistics for research assignments.

Research Publications

Since the purpose of research is to generate new knowledge, and communicate the findings through publications, the freedom to publish must be vigorously guarded. The findings of the researches carried out by NBAA is published in the shortest time possible. NBAA research findings can be accessed through NBAA website, accountant journals and magazines, NBAA library and by any other means that deemed necessary(Click