Examination Procedures

Examination Procedures

How to Apply for Examination Entry:

The following are the procedures for registering to the Boards’ examinations:

1.Download and fill Examination Entry Form.

2.Pay required examination fee and attach the original bank slip, in case a candidate has not paid the annual subscription fee should submit it along with the examination entry fee before deadline, otherwise Penalty Fee may apply.

3.Submit the form to NBAA through postal address or in person.

Examination Preparations:

The Board registers and monitor institutions which conduct review classes to candidates who are preparing for its examinations. These institutions are commonly known as Tuition Providers.

Candidates are required to attend review classes to registered tuition providers so as to prepare adequately for Board’s examinations. Candidates are advised to undergo a six months training in review class before sitting for Board’s examinations.

An Examination Admission Letter

The Board issues an Examination admission letter (examination docket) to candidates who qualify to sit for examination in a given session before the commencement of the examination. For candidates residing in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma have to collect their examination dockets in person at NBAA in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma offices respectively. For candidates who have chosen examination centres outside Dar es Salaam, the examination dockets are posted to their respective postal addresses.

Examination Postponement

In postponing examinations, a candidate shall be required to observe the prescribed Postponement Procedures.

ID Request

A candidate who has lost identity card or wants to renew the ID card upon expiry shall be required to do the following:

1.Download and Fill in the ID request form.

2.Pay Tshs. 20,000/= in the NBAA Account with CRDB - Account No. 01J 100 5553500 at Vijana Branch, Morogoro Road or any other CRDB branch.

3.Submit three colored identical passport size photographs with white background.

4.Attach the Bank pay slip together with a dully filled ID request form.

5.Submit your request form to the Board in person or post your form via postal address.

6.For candidates residing in Dar es salaam and Dodoma should collect their ID at NBAA office two weeks before examination date.Other candidates should collect their ID at their respective examination centres one day before examination date.

Examination Appeal

Procedures for appealing against Board’s examination result are as follows:

1.Download and fillappeal form

2.Read carefully the instructions provided in theappeal form

3.Pay appeal fee Tshs. 160,000/= per each subject to the NBAA Account with CRDB - Account No. 01J 100 5553500 at Vijana Branch, Morogoro Road or any other CRDB branch.

4.Attachappeal form together with original Bank pay slip

5.Submit your appeal form to the Board within seven working days from the date of release of the results.