Tuition Providers

The Board registers and monitors institutions which conduct review classes to candidates who are preparing for its examinations. These institutions are commonly known as Tuition Providers. Candidates who are aspiring to sit for the Board’s examinations are required to undergo a six months training before sitting for examinations.

Candidates may undergo training either on full-time or on part time basis depending on one’s choice. Candidates are advised to attend review classes or training to tuition providers who are registered and recognized by the Board.

Institutionsinterested in conducting the review classes to candidates preparing to sit for Boards’ examinations are required to go through the Tuition Providers Registration Guide which provides details on procedures to register as a training center. Having read the registration guide the institution will have to fill and submit to the Board the Tuition Providers Registration Form for assessment.

The Board requires all registered Tuition Providers to submit an Annual Return Form annually for assessment and monitoring.