Seminar on Accounting and Auditing Issues, Mwanza

Provide an opportunity to participants to discuss, learn and share experience and knowledge on Accounting and Auditing issues

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03rd Feb 2021 Malaika Beach Resort and Hotel, Mwanza
The NBAA and TIRA Joint Forum, Dar es Salaam

Provide an opportunity to participants to discuss on issues related to Accountancy and Insurance Issues

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27th Jan 2021 APC Hotel and Conference Center, Bunju, Dar es Salaam
Virtual event: Accountability & transparency during & post COVID-19

Leading in uncertain times - What has COVID-19 taught us?

Enhancing public sector accountability during & post COVID-19

The future of public sector accounting & auditing

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27th Jan 2021 Webinar
Training Workshop on Financial Reporting for NGOs and Associations, Morogoro

Training workshop for Accountants, Internal Auditors, External Auditors, Accounting Officers working in/with NGOs and Associations and any interested person

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09th Feb 2021 Morogoro
Seminar on Professional Standards, Governance and Disruptive Technologies, Dodoma

The objective of the Conference is to provide an opportunity to participants to discuss on emerging issues related to IFRSs, IPSAS and Disruptive Technologies
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13th Jan 2021 St. Gaspar Conference Centre and Hotels - Dodoma