Outstanding Annual Subscription Fees

Imewekwa: Apr 12, 2021

Attached to this notice is the list of members who have not paid their annual subscription fees for more than one year. If you are in the list, you are given up to 3rd May 2021 to settle your outstanding annual subscription fees. The outstanding annual subscription fee that you see in your Members and Examinations Management System (MEMS) account includes the penalty for the entire period that you failed to pay the fees. The list contains, Attachment A (GAs), Attachment B (ACPA & ACPA-PP), Attachment C (FCPA & FCPA-PP), Attachment D (Temporary Members), Attachment E (Approved accountants) and Attachment F (Accounting Technicians).

If your outstanding fee remains unpaid after 3rd May 2021, the Board will commence de-registration process by issuing public notice of intention to de-register you. This will include publishing all names of defaulters in the local newspapers and NBAA website.

To pay your outstanding annual subscription fee visit NBAA MEMS, login and open subscription bill menu to request Bill and obtain Payment control number. Make payment through Bank (NMB/CRDB) or Mobile (Airtel Money/ HaloPesa/ Mpesa/ TigoPesa/ TPesa) by selecting (Government Payments) and use the provided payment control number as your payment reference. Save the received confirmation message from the Service Provider as a proof of payment in case, the Board requires it.

Please pay your outstanding fee to avoid de-registration or other inconveniences.